About Us

Welcome to Dyna Medical (D'Medy®) , a brand established in 2021 by Dyna Source Sdn Bhd(1119002-H). Our philosophy is simple yet profound: we strive to maximize the benefits of each bottle of supplement while keeping it affordable.

From the outset, we've prioritized innovation, rapidly enhancing our Research and Development department. Our guiding principle, "Dyna Care For You," underscores our commitment to wellness and beauty experiences. During the pandemic, we proudly contributed to the pharmaceutical sector by supplying a substantial volume of test kits, mask and sanitizers demonstrating our dedication to public health.

In addition, we are thrilled to introduce Dyna DNA, our DNA test kit that offers a comprehensive range of insights into your genetic composition; including carrier status, health risk, cancer risk, skincare, personal traits, food & dietary sensitivity, essential nutrient, weight management and wellbeing, fitness potential and drug response. 

Looking ahead, we're eager to expand our reach to China, Singapore, and Indonesia, furthering our mission to positively impact global healthcare and beautycare.

Join us on our journey as we continue to innovate, providing top-notch healthcare solutions and beauty experiences, all guided by our enduring motto: "Dyna Care For You."

Together, we'll shape a healthier and more beautiful world, one affordable bottle of supplement at a time.


Martin Low


Nicholas Chan

General Manager
Dyna Medical's Staff